martedì 31 gennaio 2017

The Maker and the Elements*

One of the Makers of the Universes one day decided to play with Elements.

Thor was his name, and he was very popular among the Makers: he had been awarded an important prize for the most beautiful coastline having drawn Norway's.
He felt ready for a new challenge.

Earth, water, air, fire: the Greek would have built the philosophy of nature on these, he was to make a country out of them. The most beautiful of all countries on Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

He was not afraid to play with fire and shaped some volcanoes and scattered them nicely along a gorge reaching very deep, at the very heart of the earth, where life originated from, and he had fire meet with water so that water could extinguish the most burning ones, being in turn warmed by them. 

Such lively encounter needed holes to let the energy out and the Maker thought that some hot springs would have added beautifully to the rugged landscape and provided shelter and comfort to the dauntless hikers that were to walk the valleys and climb the slopes. He also made some pools intermittently emit hot water in high gushes, that were to get more than one cry of wonder from passers-by.

He was not done with fire. He had the volcanoes erupt and had the lava gently flow down the sides, finding its way through the rocks and the fields, and then he waited for it to cool off, and enjoyed the black streaks through the brilliant greens. He added some extra red and ochre touches, feeling like a painter mixing colors on his palette. 
He also liked the lava to paint some sandy beaches and felt they matched so well with the deep blue waters. He waited some more and arranged the volcanic rocks to create imposing cliffs overlooking the ocean, strong enough to stand the storms but also pliant to the waters and the winds, willing and happy to change their shape, in a festive reunion of all the elements.

And as for water, he almost felt overwhelmed by all the possibilities. He was kind of biased to water, he liked it falling, running, storming, he liked it clear and he liked it dark, he liked it gentle and he liked it strong. So he had rain and snow and storms; and then he made water run down the mountains, through the planes, down into the fissures and out to the sea. He made rivers and streams and creeks, and lakes and puddles, and he placed waterfalls everywhere, some elegant and thin like organza and some powerful and majestic and awe-inspiring. He had water meet with chilly air from the Ocean and the North and had it freeze and create the most strange figures in ice, always melting, always changing, always rearranging themselves. Hence, he decided, the name: Iceland.

And then he placed this land he loved so much in the centre of the Ocean, so that the air could freely roam and start all over again.

He understood he could play forever with the Elements in Iceland and smiled.

* special thanks to Philip José Farmer and The World of Tiers

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